Customer Testimonials

“Mike and I began working together in 1993. Throughout those years I have seen a consistent attention to every detail of quality film processing. I have always felt that Mike has had my best interest at heart. If you are seeking consistent, high quality film processing, I highly recommend his imaging services.”

Thomas D. Mangelsen, Images of Nature

“I like being associated with people who are passionate about what they do. Mike Lussier is one of those persons and why I’ve run all my film with him for the last 15 years.”

Richard Hamilton Smith, Richard Hamilton Smith Photography

“I have entrusted Mike with my portfolio images for scanning and they have been the best scans I’ve ever seen.  Mike takes great care and pride in his work and it shows in the final product.  We will continue to use Mike’s services in converting our slides to digital.”

Ralph Clevenger
“I started using commercial labs to process film in the mid-seventies and discovered AgX Imaging along the way. Since then I have used AgX Imaging as a benchmark for processing quality. When you deal with Michael Lussier you are working with someone who understands the needs of a professional photographer.”

“I have known and worked with Michael, of AGX Imaging, for twenty years. You will not find a more qualified or conscientious person to take care of your photographic needs.  He is the best in the business.”

“Finding a great film lab is a challenge but once I found AgX my quest was over. Unlike virtually every other lab I’ve ever used, I have never had a problem with AgX, the service and personal attention was outstanding, and the film processing and mounting is, quite simply, the best I’ve ever seen, and at a great price, too! I’ve referred every film shooter I know to AgX, and everyone has been happy with that introduction.”

“After my first visit to meet Mike Lussier and see his operation, I knew I had found “my” lab. Mike’s custom-built “daylight” Refrema film processor is incredible and truly one of a kind. Mike is still processing large amounts of film and is one of the last labs in the United States to offer E-6 processing services. I have trusted Mike my film since 1997, his consistency and attention to detail are remarkable. Mike is truly “the best of the best”.”

Eric R. Anderson, Anderson Images

“For nearly 15 years Mike Lussier has been the only individual to handle all of my E6 services. I know that my film is being handled by the top E6 lab in the country and I wouldn’t trust my work to anyone else. Simply stated, Mike is a film genius.”

“For over 10 years Mike Lussier at AgX Imaging has provided me high quality 35mm and 220 film processing.  I tried all the big outfits before finding Mike, in tiny Sault Ste. Marie, and have never looked back. His work has been of a consistent high quality from the time of first contact. If ever he has questions about my push or pull processing instructions, or mounting instructions, he calls to clarify my intent. In rare situations, when film orders were delayed, he has called and explained the circumstances. With Mike, you get straight-forward, personalized help and service. In my opinion, AgX is the best in the business. Honest and trust-worthy, that’s AgX, and Mike Lussier.”

“AgX Imaging has been processing my slides for well over a decade and the results have always been far superior to any other E-6 labs. The film just jumps off the light table, always bright and clean, perfect mounts and imprinting and never any residue marks. The images allow me to make effortless scans. My clients have often commented on how great the film looks and I always tell them it’s the lab; pros all use the best film and lenses and are all able to nail great exposures. What can set you apart is the processing of AgX Imaging and Mike Lussier is the master.”

Brian McGilloway,  Travel Photographer

“I’ve worked with several film processing labs over many years; in fact, there is one down the street from me.  However, I send my film cross country so AgX Imaging can do it, because they are the first lab that I completely trust.”

“AgX provides consistent results and personalized service, with an E-6 line custom-designed for precision, redundancy, and reliability.  Mike Lussier brings the technical expertise of an engineer and the passion of an artist to film processing.  There is no one I trust more with my film.”

“I travel extensively throughout the country and internationally specializing in architectural photography.  I have sent mike my 4×5 film exclusively for the last ten years from every corner of the globe and have never had one problem.  My film is always returned spotless and packaged with care.  Mike is an artist and an engineer with the utmost professionalism.  This is hard to come by in this day and age of the digital world. There is no other E-6 lab that can come close to his level of expertise.”