Welcome to AgX Imaging
North America’s premier E-6 film processing and scanning laboratory

Since 1997, AgX Imaging has grown to service more than 700 professional photographers throughout North America, all by word of mouth. We utilize our consistent quality and service as our primary form of advertising. We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with unparalleled E-6 film processing and scanning quality and consistency.

  • Optimized dye stability of films

  • Increased process consistency

  • Increased physical quality

  • Improved process uniformity across the film surface

  • Precise push and pull processing characteristics

  • Complete removal of all processing solutions

Customer Testimonials

“Finding a great film lab is a challenge but once I found AgX my quest was over. Unlike virtually every other lab I’ve ever used, I have never had a problem with AgX, the service and personal attention was outstanding, and the film processing and mounting is, quite simply, the best I’ve ever seen, and at a great price, too! I’ve referred every film shooter I know to AgX, and everyone has been happy with that introduction.”

“I started using commercial labs to process film in the mid-seventies and discovered AgX Imaging along the way. Since then I have used AgX Imaging as a benchmark for processing quality. When you deal with Michael Lussier you are working with someone who understands the needs of a professional photographer.”

“I travel extensively throughout the country and internationally specializing in architectural photography.  I have sent mike my 4×5 film exclusively for the last ten years from every corner of the globe and have never had one problem.  My film is always returned spotless and packaged with care.  Mike is an artist and an engineer with the utmost professionalism.  This is hard to come by in this day and age of the digital world. There is no other E-6 lab that can come close to his level of expertise.”